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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Got Milk?

A while ago I gave a woman my seat on the subway. She was carrying a new born. She got on the subway with her husband and they had one of those new "spaceship" like strollers. The subway was not packed but, there were no seats available so I gave her mine and as I did I nudged the man beside me who reluctantly gave his seat to the father of the baby. The baby was crying something fierce. A deafening high pitch wail. This would of bothered me a few years ago but, since I have become a mom myself. (Yes, I am talking about Chelsea) I have become much more sensitive to other moms even if their babies aren't as hairy as mine.

The mother Thanked me, sat down and coddled her precious child. I smiled at them and began to read my book. All of once the high pitched baby wailing stopped. I glance over at mommy and baby. Baby's head is under mommy's T-shirt and mommy is feeding baby. I smile to myself thinking no wonder baby was so upset. Without looking around me I suddenly feel awkward. Not myself, but, I sense others are feeling this way. I immediately notice the woman beside me (We are standing over the breastfeeding mommy) moves to the other side of the train. A man behind me clears his throat uncomfortably. Another woman shoots a look of disgust over at the young family. I look back at the mommy and her child to see if I am missing something.
Perhaps she has three nipples? Maybe her husband is sucking the free boob? Maybe her areolas are so freakishly large........nope, her breast is not even showing. Her husband is holding the stroller. In fact the only way you know what's going on is that the baby's head is half invisible under the mom's shirt and if you really, really listen you can hear a soft suckling noise.

Why did people get so bent out of shape?
This to me was nature at work. The woman was being discreet about it. The baby screamed in hunger and the mommy fed the baby. What was the problem?

I secretly thought some of the men were offended because they don't want to admit the truth. God gave women breasts for this very reason. No, not merely for their pleasure. However, more women seemed offended. I was trying to rationlize why they felt this way in my mind. Yes, maybe if there was a more private location to go to, but, no there was not. I could see if the woman had both breasts hanging out and made no attempt to cover up but, this simply was not the case.

I have to tell you that once in a while my precious fur child Chelsea will cry in the middle of the night. A hunger cry. I get out of bed, get her kibble and feed her. My husband doth protest this. He thinks she is too spoiled and I should wait until the morning as per usual to feed her. I can't! She is hungry! How can I possibly deny my baby of food??? She loves to eat and sometimes, especially when the weather is nice, she plays outside all day and is not as interested in her food. There is NO WAY I could not get out of bed at 4am or 2:30 am or whatever time and not feed her. Trust me when I tell you if she was human and I had her nourishment stored in my chest, I would be feeding her when she needed to be fed.

God knows how cranky I am if I don't get to eat when I gotta eat.

I am not trying to force my opinion on anyone. I am calling out to someone to maybe try and explain why the scenario I explained would be an issue??
Did I miss something??


Blogger H.Defreitas said...

I agree with you, it should be natural. With the husband around, a newborn, it's only natural, and if there's no other place, so be it...but I guess instead of just under the shirt, some kind of blanket should be put over first.

I had a woman on the car, at the front with a baby girl CRYin her eyes out (like losing her breath, cryin so loud.) and she just flipped her boob out (the crying stopped!!) and no one really cared, but this lady had almost both out showing. I tell you I was about to call in and book STRESS!!
(I'm sure there'll be a reaction.)


10:10 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I'd rather have the boob out than the baby screaming it's poor head off (my poor nerves). My sister nursed all three of her children, but she always had a sheet over the her and the baby and it didn't bother anyone.

1:53 PM  

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