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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dr Heckle and Mr Snide

So it's a beautiful summer like day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the pervs are out in full force. What is it about a nice day that makes men behave like ...well, men?? Primate men. I am not referring to just glancing at someone. We are all human and can all appreciate an attractive person. Looking is natural. Looking briefly and then looking away is one thing.....the men I am on about in this blog blatantly gawk!

The temperature is decent so people are wearing less. Some men seem to think this is for their entertainment and pleasure. When women see a shirtless man I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not thinking that. They heckle and make snide comments ever so bravely from their car as it speeds on by. I mean do they really think women go for this?? As though we are going to scream back "Wait! Slow down! I want you like no man before you!"
Sorry boys, the only time this will happen will be in a video you can rent and believe me it will be in that back room behind the curtain.

I once saw a man with a mid life crisis sports car and a token blonde in the passenger seat who wasn't his daughter.....but, could of been, smash into the car in front of him because he was too busy looking at the women on the street. His "daughter" smacked him upside the head when it happened. That was the best part. The saddest part is I am so sure he did not learn his lesson. I hope he got a good gander at all the ladies walking down the street. I hope he made it worth denting up his car and upsetting his trophy girlfriend.

Another thing I noticed. The more beautiful the man's wife/girlfriend/companion - the more he looks. I see it all the time. An average at best male with a drop dead female and there he is obviously ogling other women. How is she not good enough? Nothing worse than a man who does this when he is with the significant other. He just makes her an "other" because he squashes the significant part all to heck. It's like by some freak of fate he ended up with this beautiful woman but, he still thinks he can do better. Of course he can! He read it in Penthouse somewhere.
The scum of scum are the men who gawk while they are with their children. There is a word for these kind of men and it is not in the dictionary.

Why is it that men have so much confidence?? I saw a construction man last week leaning against the building he was working on. He looked like he was carrying quintuplets in his white T-shirt that was two sizes two small and his grotesque stomach hanging over his pants. He was giving all the women walking by this deranged come hither stare. Man, he was confident.
I know so many women I consider to be absolutely beautiful and are constantly dieting, cover up at the pool and are constantly criticizing themselves. Why do women do this? If Fat Bastard thinks he's hot why are we always striving for perfection?? Some men think they are all that AND a bag of chips. The truth is - they are the dip. Where do they get this bravado? How is it they think we don't have any standards or morals and would actually give them the time of day?
Is it because in some types of movies the pizza delivery guy always gets it on with the lady (Use that term loosely) of the house?? No names are exchanged, no pizza gets eaten and the pizza delivery boy leaves happy. Do some men actually think we are indeed like these characters??

I personally do not like being leered at by a man. I find it degrading, disgusting and completely unnecessary. I have had people tell me in the past that they notice men stare at me a lot. My response to them is "Yes they do. They also leer at the person before me and the person who walks by after me." They have no specific criteria even though they will try to convince everyone that they are picky and have certain standards......when it comes to girl watching they do not! A hint of leg, a bare neck, a sliver of cleavage - all fair game to them. Believe me I don't feel special nor should you. By the way the higher a man's standards, the more of a loser he is. Intelligent, Experienced, genuine men know that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors....a real man would be able to appreciate them all. A loser man with unattainable high standards only has high standards because in his experience, his ideal woman has a staple through her bellybutton. (For those who don't get the reference - she's a centerfold)

Speaking of "girl" watching - older men ogling young girls really bothers me. Young girls for the most part dress to impress young Billy in their chemistry class. These days some young girls dress very revealing in order to get young Billy's attention. Young Billy ain't noticing but, Old Billy (Young Billy's) dad sure is. Young Billy is too busy noticing older girls. Young Billy thinks they are more experienced and mature. Sadly, when Young Billy gets older he too will notice inappropriately younger girls and say with a twinkle in his eye "The girls never looked like that when I was in school"
NEWS FLASH Billy - they did you damn fool. You just didn't notice because you had your eyes on the teachers.

All I am asking for here is a little restraint. I don't get ogled as much as this blog would have you believe. This is not about me, this is about the gawking I see all around me all the time. It doesn't have to happen to me for it to bother me. Men have to realize that the caveman days are long gone. Women vote now. Women work. Women work hard. Women work hard and then go home and cook dinner. Women have even gone to the moon. Women fight in the army. Women give birth. Women raise children by themselves. Women run countries (We'd run all of them if I had my way). Women multi-task. Women are strong. Women are Independent! We've come a long way baby.

All I am asking is before a man openly "checks out" or comments sexually about a woman that he realizes;
1)This could be someone's daughter
2)This may be someone's wife
3) This may be someone's girlfriend
4)It is possible this is someone's mother

Would he want someone staring rudely or talking dirty at his daughter/wife/girlfriend/mother??
I didn't think so.

Sure some women like to be noticed. Most women would never admit this either but, being "appreciated" by a Brad Pitt or say a Orlando Bloom type is always preferred if it need happen. Let's face it that is just not the way it works.

Myself, I don't want to be ogled. I don't want to know what men think about my legs or any other part of my body. I really don't care. There is only one man who I want to see me "in that way" - in any way really and it's my husband. Anyone else just creeps me out. My husband appreciates me. He values me and respects me. All of me.

The next time you see men behaving badly - and you will - just ignore them, put your head high, be proud and smile knowing one thing.

You will never have itchy balls.



Blogger Nadia said...

Men are pigs. But you know what? It's everyone's fault. Our society allows this.

Although, I have to point out that here in Canada we do have it good, compared to other places. Did you know that women are routinely groped on the Tokyo subway system? And I'm not just talking about a little pinch on the bum.

In fact, I was reading this morning that they are going to designate some subway trains in Tokyo as "female only" to help combat the problem. Men in Tokyo are up in arms about it! They are quite adamant that women should be on the same train as the men.

Gee, I wonder why.


3:04 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Yes Nadia I actually did know that! Can you imagine living in that type of society?? And don't get me started on the burkas..the women wear them as to not "Tempt the man who can't help himself" Oh pulease. Women still get raped in those countries, more so than here so that puts that theory all to hell! We are lucky not to be subjected to that but, if men in Toronto behave like this now imagine if they knew the government would allow them to REALLY misbehave???

7:17 PM  
Blogger H.Defreitas said...

Ok, it seems alot of men are pigs. That's including:

1.) your father or grandfather
2.) your brother
3.) your son
4.) your nephew
(Good news Andrew, Rob(Nadia), you are now classified as a pig, oh me too, but I've been called a pervert enough to know that.{Edite})

I know first hand that being gawked at can be uncomfortable. On a trip to Boston, my wife and I walked into a Burger King, to use the washroom, and a GUY was gawking at me, and started a conversation, asking where I was from. (Ontario plates) I didn't (know that Boston's known for that)hang around to find out but he followed us to the hotel and asked if we wanted him to show us around.
(spooky fellow)I felt uncomfortable more because it was a man staring at me, and being across the border, made it feel worse(another country). That situation made me understand better what a woman might go through, but in retrospect if it was a woman gawking at me, I would have felt ok with it...I ended up walking away with my head held high, embracing my wife. No man was going to have me. LOL

Summer is here, winter coats, sweaters, and scarfs are going into the closet. All of a sudden, women walk around wearing almost nothing sometimes, and don't expect to be gawked at. Sex is in, everything is about sex, it's everywhere. Women buy clothes to attract men. They put on makeup, to attract men....and so on.

I wonder if some women get dressed in the morning and think, "I wonder if anyone will like what I'm wearing today." Who do you want to look at you, just your husband? Maybe a burka is meant for you.

This is a very controversial issue, and nothing will ever change. Men will always look (unless they are blind), and there will always be a woman embracing the fact that theres a chance they'll be gawked at. It's only human to be that way. Dogs smell eachothers asses, and if they could talk to their bitches they'd probably say,"Nice ass, want to go to the park and shit?" LOL.

If they look for a split second, as they pass you, you don't know if they are single, or looking, or just admiring your looks. NOW, listening to comments and gazed by a man is really rude, even if you are desperate, you should never disrepect a woman...and I'm totally against it, but there are some party girls out there, that love it. I've been to March break in Daytona Beach, enough said. I say, you don't know the woman, you should say nothing.

My wife and I have had our differences when it comes to this topic. I use to be the jealous type, but I soon realized that trusting her in the relationship was very important. It took along time for her to share my belief. It got to the point where no matter where I was looking, I was looking at a woman. Things have changed, I wear blinders now, makes it hard to drive but I manage.

You said it right at the end -just ignore them, put your head high, be proud and smile knowing one thing.

Their looking at you because you are HOT!! We all want what we can't have.

...and I don't mind scratching my balls, as long as I am not on the rag.

Great Blog

1:11 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Men can be pigs...but isn't it interesting that we still fall in love with them and marry them...what does that make us?

I still remember walking to school with my sister and a bunch of guys ogling us and hooting...until the driver smacked hard into the car in front...then it was us making all the noise..laughing!!!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...

Okay, I apologize...not ALL men are pigs. Just an overwhelming majority.


3:37 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Helder, in response to your email and blog NOT ALL MEN ARE PIGS. I never said that. Also yes, I have witnessed BOTH my dad's father and my dad ogling women in FRONT OF ME. Maybe that is why I am so sensitive to this topic. Remember my dad's office in the building with all the pornographic pictures on the wall? This affected me and some of my sisters in ways I cannot explain to you. I know not all men do this and I am sorry if that is how this was interpreted. The truth is the MAJORITY of men are not making it look too good for the rest. There are a few gems and obviously exceptions to this.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Oh, and when I put NICE clothes on, do my makeup, do my hair know who I look pretty for??


8:38 PM  
Blogger H.Defreitas said...

There's no need to apologize, but reading your entire blog, I got the feeling that you think that way about all men...except Steve obviously. I understand some people can be immature, and disrespectful, but don't let those idiots ruin your imagine for most men. It's sad that our society is like that, and every woman should feel safe but DON'T. I'm glad I'm in a relationship and don't have to deal with any of that. Except when I go to BOSTON.LOL

I wasn't clear on who said," Men are pigs." but Nadia was nice enough to correct herself...your off the list ROB.LOL.

Ben said - Men can be pigs...but isn't it interesting that we still fall in love with them and marry them...what does that make us?

Well I guess that makes you pigs too...LOL. (I feel better.)

Ben, I laughed when I read that, but it is an interesting question and a good one.

thanks for the laugh.(I think we're even now, with making eachother laugh...or am I still winning.)LOL.

Linda, I can't imagine what it's like, but I can understand, day after day, different men bothering, staring, commenting to you, can get to any persons nerves.
Seriously, it is a problem, and hopefully our children learn to respect everyone.

Cuz Helder said so

2:19 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I haven't had men ogle me for a I take that back...they are usually black men who's eyes come up to my chest level or old demented men who ...well we will just leave it at that...

7:29 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

My problem too Ben! They are all deranged! Oh and Helder it doesn't happen to me day in and day out but, it doesn't have to. I see it all the time.....all around me. Oh and Helder COMPLETELY agree on your comments where men yell out to women at Daytona beach on spring break and women who walk down the street half naked. It's just that I don't and so many women don't but, get put in the same league?? Wow, who knew this topic would bring up so many comments. This is why I love blogging. Interesting to know what you all think and feel about certain things. Oh and to Ben's comment if men are pigs and we love them what does that make us??
Um.......bacon lovers??

8:41 AM  
Blogger Nadia said...

Hey all...I still stick to my story that society allows this. Helder is totally right when he says that all women should feel safe. If anything, men (and our fellow women) should be helping all of us steer away from the creeps like the guy that followed Helder around. Unfortunately, there are so many people who just "mind their own business" and "don't want to get involved" when they see something strange.

I do think that it can be a very fine line with some people - between ogling and actually acting on their impulses (like the guy in Boston who followed you to your hotel..that is crossing a line!).

Anyway, bottom line - we need to be careful about who is staring at us, ogling, etc.... This is a crazy world we live in.

Sad, but true...


1:53 PM  

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