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Sunday, April 03, 2005

SPRING AHEAD! The time change

It is now 9:30 technically but, 8:30 in my head. I woke up up eleven by my body clock but NOON on the wall clock - Only because I went to bed at 2am which was really 3am. Arrggghhh!!! I am confused already. I am also kind of tired and kind of hungry. I ate dinner at 7pm which really was 6pm so by now I am usually dipping into the snack cupboard only it is 9:30 not 8:30 so if I eat now I will not be able to sleep.

My whole day like yours I am sure was completely out of whack. All this for an hour?? What a difference an hour makes! So I decided that until my body adjusts to the spring zone I am going to look at all the positive things this time change brings.

I will be done work an hour early tomorrow. I will be home when normally I would still be at work. That's a good thing right?

In the evenings, after dinner when I take my darling doggie for her walk it will still be light out. ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! You know all the media hype that people are lazy and do not pick up their dogs poop in the winter? It's all lies. If we don't pick it up it's because WE CAN'T SEE IT!! So, yes, the streets and parks will be cleaner.

I have been meaning to get to bed earlier and with the new time change I will. Even though the time will be later I will be physically in the bed sooner than I would before the time change.

Turning the clocks ahead means OPEN TOE SHOE season is a coming!! Yeehaw. And yes, I am one of those people who gets pedicures year round so I am not afraid. My feet are far from perfect but, much better than if I didn't go get pedicures year round.

The weather will improve. I feel completely confident saying this as it can't possibly get much worse than it was this weekend.......I almost put my scarf away!! Darn it.

The time change has made my body confused and I have no real appetite as I normally would. This has gotta be good for a few pounds at least until I the new time that is.........

Right now we are all confused but, don't fret. Before you know it your body and mind will all fall into the rythym of the "spring ahead" hour.
And sure enough once we are used to it will come the time.
To turn the clocks back again.



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