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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Movie Mania

Lately, I have been renting alot of movies. I go through phases and this one has a lot to do with the fact that my manicurist's husband owns a PIZZA PIZZA. They have a promotion right now where if you order pizza you get a free movie rental from BlockBuster. My manicurist saved me the calories and the yeast - she gave me a stack of coupons and believe me I have put them to use.

Here are the latest movies I have rented in the last couple of weeks and what I thought;

I could chop six hundred and eighty two onions and not cry half as much as I did for this movie! My poor husband kept running upstairs to check on me because all he could hear was my loud sobbing complete with body shudders. I went through two boxes of kleenex with this movie. (Ok, so it was the cheap NO FRILLS kleenex but, nevertheless). I loved this movie. And I wanted so badly for my husband to watch it with me the next day. He was polite when he turned me down and had this look on his face that read "Are you kidding me - after the drama session you had last night? " The funniest part was how I kept trying to convince him he would like it too. I insisted it was NOT a chick flick. Apparently, my poker face sucks.......he didn't buy it. He is not opposed to watching chick flicks but, he only likes the ones with Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez or Sandra Bullock for some reason?? Hmmm.
Anyways, this movie truly touched my heart. It is the most romantic love story you will ever see. The characters are chilling, the story is riveting and the actor/actress who play the young couple are stunning.
No, ofcourse it is NOT a chick flick (Sniff, sniff)

This movie was recommended to me by a friend who told me she thought I would really appreciate it. The movie is essentially about a boy who has some type of schizophrenic disorder. He sleepwalks, is on anti-deppressants and has conversations in the evening with a half man/half rabbit character who speaks like satan. This rabbit/man gets the boy to kill people and cause mayhem in his town.
Remind me to spit in my friend's eye the next time I see her!
I couldn't finish watching this film. The only way I could appreciate this is if I was on acid and no, I don't do acid (Note to self to REMIND MY FRIEND that I do not do acid) OR if I was a murderer who talks to bunnies at night. And for those of you who have wondered.....NO I DON'T
Believe it or not this movie actually has a huge cult following and people love it. That certainly explains the current state of the earth to me in so many ways.
I will never get that hour and a half back. Ever .
And the nightmares! don't want to know!

This is a movie I never heard of. It starred Mira Sorvino and believe it or not Mariah Carey. They both play waitresses who work in an Italian mob infested restaurant. They become friends and get into all kinds of nasty situations together. I didn't mind this movie so much to be honest with you. I actually thought Mariah Carey's acting was pretty good. Yes, she plays a sleazy waitress who's boobs are hanging out every minute (Kind of like that fine casting of Courtney Love in the People Versus Larry Flynt where Courtney plays his alcoholic, drug laden wife who is a maniac)
So the acting wasn't a far stretch from Mariah's everyday life. I still think she did an ok job. I am not talking Oscar nomination, but, this was no "Glitter" ok???
The storyline got out of hand near the end but, with 'The Sopranos" on hiatus, I thouroughly enjoyed the gun shooting, blood dripping scenes immensely.
I thought this was an ok way to pass a rainy afternoon and let's face it , it was no DONNIE DARKO (see review above for clarification)

You may recall the ads for this. Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and another actor who I didn't know but, he was kinda hot. This movie was strange. Not Donnie Darko strange... just unpredictable. I had never read any reviews or anything about it so maybe that is why. The Reader's Digest version of this movie would be : Man meets Girl, Girl gets hit by car, Man and girl fall in love, then Man meets Woman (Not Girl, girl is still girl) Man Likes Woman, Man wants to cheat on Girl with the Woman, Woman not interested, Man pretends to be woman on the internet and meets ANOTHER MAN who he sets up with Woman. Woman and ANOTHER MAN meet , Woman and ANOTHER MAN fall in love, get married. Then Woman decides she wants the 1st man, Woman and Man cheat on Girl and ANOTHER MAN. Woman feels guilty so she tells ANOTHER MAN. He is upset and to get back at woman - ANOTHER MAN sleeps with girl.......confused?? How do you think I feel?? I sat through this! But, I am intelligent so I actually had no problem following along. So, if you are up for the challenge go for it. It is interesting in how it deals with relationships and there are a couple of neat plot surprises in there. For those of you who care, this movie has more swear words than "Trailer Park Boys" And more sexual references than "The Sunday Night Sex Show" .......So make sure no kiddies are nearby unless you want to have "the talk" early.

This is a very new release. It focus's on two men who go on a week long trip to celebrate one of their impending marriages. The one getting married is a selfish, hormone raging, annoying 40 year old boy and his travelling companion is a -writer who never gets anything published- just divorced and still hurting- neurotic man. This is like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure except Bill and Ted are middle aged and the adventure is not so excellent. So many things happen within the week and you are witness to some pretty bad behavior on the groom-to-be's part while you uncomfortably watch his poor friend try and salvage something.......anything. I thought the characters were great and the people they meet in their travels certainly made their trip, er, memorable. Anyhow, I thought this was better than Wise Girls, Not as Good as The Notebook and on par with Closer.........You will either like it or not like it so much.......this was nominated for a bunch of Oscar's not sure if it won anything.
I thought it helped a rainy day go by...........slowly......but, surely.

So I have two more to watch. "The Banger Sisters" For comedy relief and "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" Based on the book which I have yet to read but, hear it is incredible.

Friday I go back to get my nails done and maybe get more coupons. Hopefully, there won't be slim pickings at the video store this time.

Gotta go.
Someone at the door.
Crap! It's the Rabbit/Man!$^&^##^)(!!!!



Blogger Bernadette said...

I rented The Notebook as well....I have the Kleenex Plus so I didn't quite use the whole box (more absorbant you know...) What a fabulous movie. I especially love the older couple partly because I love the actor and partly because of the fact this has to do with Alzheimer's Disease and I worked in that area for 10 years and met many couples such as this. The fact that he loved his wife so much. I haven't seen any of the other movies and don't intend to. By the way the cute actor in Closer is Clive Owens and he is definitely hot!!! You should check out a movie called Beyond Borders with Clive and Angelina Jolie. It's an amazing movie with interesting's not a happy ever after story...but he is still gorgeous.


8:17 AM  
Blogger Dickie said...

I'm the friend that suggested Donnie Darko. If any spitting happens I'll get that bunny/man to come pay you visit. It's one of my top ten movies.
Oh just a minute there's someone on the phone...oh it's bunnyman he said to say he'll see you later tonight.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Very funny dick. I mean dickie

10:04 AM  

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