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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The secret to feeling thin

I have found the secret to feeling thin. My friend recently lost a fair amount of weight and is now a size 3 at the most - she is five foot six. The girl is thin but, looks good and is happy which is all that counts. She was at my place recently and brought 4 pairs of pants and a pair of jeans which no longer fit her. She asked me if I wanted them and if not, she was going to put them in The Goodwill. At first glance I was smitten. Some really cool pants and the jeans were to die for. I absolutely love clothes.! Yes! Yes! I say. She says to me they will be big on me a little but, I am welcome to them.

I quit smoking a year and a half ago and started working out like a fiend. I have been doing alot of weights and as a result I have gained weight. Most of it muscle but, also my body has changed shape. My legs got bulkier, my back bigger and my butt higher. Therefore my pants are - not very comfortable to be honest. I promised myself I would not buy bigger clothes as then I would admit I am comfortable with my body which I was not. I vowed to lose some weight and all I really wanted was my current wardrobe to fit me properly. I am working on that now and at first it was difficult but, I am doing well and have lost a little bit of weight.

So getting back to the pants she gave me. I notice they are a size bigger than I currently wear. I decide to try them on. WOW...........So this is comfort. I feel fabulous. They are loose, they are hanging comfortably, not digging into my stomach like all the others. I am free. I am finally free!! Everyone I try on just keeps getting more and more comfy. Is it because this is the size I am meant to wear? Am I in denial? I am afraid at first to wear them as it suddenly feels and looks like I have lost ten pounds. I am afraid I will pig out just because I could in these pants and not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. To my surprise, food is the last thing on my mind. I feel good, I feel slim, I feel comfortable. Life is good. This inspires me to eat healthy and actually stop eating when I am full........what a concept.

Ah! Power to one size bigger!
I really must Thank my friend :)


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