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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My name is Linda and I am a magazine addict.

I have a magazine addiction. I love magazines! I had a particularly good "magazine" day today. One of my fave's "In Touch STYLE" is twenty five cents this week. Can you believe it? If the voice of reason hadn't been with me today I would of bought fifty of them. I mean what a steal.
There is no other feeling then getting a new glossy magazine and snuggling up to it on the couch after work, after dinner - only after all the dishes have been cleaned, put away and the dog has gone for her nightly walk.

Ahhh.... my indulgence and goes great with a hot chocolate. Even better if the hot chocolate has marshmallows in it. Yum.

Although I would NEVER turn away any genre of magazine I must admit I am a sucker for gossip mags. In Touch, In Touch STYLE , STAR, US weekly. (Yes, in that order and only because the first two are listed are a mere $2.99) And really, what is $2.99 but, a small price to pay when you can be part of Brad Pitt's life in some small, shallow way?? If I am really having a good magazine week or bad......depending how you look at it because I am withering my money away...that means I will have all of those magazines. Sometimes I am still hungry for more stories, photos, celebrity fashion and then ......and only then might I pick up an ENQUIRER...Hey desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, I wear dark glasses and a scarf when I buy those types of reading materials. After all, everyone knows that those are fluff and the content is simply not true and all the other ones are. Any decent magazine addict knows that. Really.

So the depressing part of being a magazine addict - especially when you are addicted to the weekly publications (Which I am ofcourse) - is that when you do end up buying the latest In Touch, US weekly and STAR in the same week you realize after you finish clinging on to the last page that you basically read the same stories three times over. I justify this simply by pointing out that the photos are different. Yes, they are quite often wearing the same clothes but, if you look closely it is a different shot. Sometimes that different shot makes all the difference.
Well, to people like me at least.

I have never actually calculated how much I spend on these unneccessary (Did I say that?) publications. I am afraid to in fact. I probably could have a villa in Europe, a swiss bank account, a closet full of Jimmy Choo get the idea.

It is my little indulgence. I try to walk by the magazine stands, I really do. Sometimes I am actually successful. Sometimes I can get some back issues from various members of my family. Quite often we get together and do magazine swaps. We all exchange piles of the exact same magazines. I get home excited with a bundle and realize I have already read them all. I hate when that happens.

People think that mag rag addicts like myself have no life and need to live vicariously through others. I can assure you this is not the case. I have a happy, full, busy, eventful life. With the life I had led, I could have my own magazines. (If you know what I mean) ...So NO that is not why I buy them. Do I buy them because I am obsessed with movie/rock stars.........not really. I mean obviously I have an interest in what they are wearing and who they are doing but, I wouldn't say I am obsessed. I just like to be in-the-know so to speak. So, why is it that I have this compulsion, this disease??

Enquiring minds DO wanna know.

And baby, I got an enquiring mind.



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Just so that you know... someone is reading :o) Pretty insightfull stuff.

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