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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Celebrity fashion

I just finished watching a STAR special on badly dressed celebrities. It was ugly. Aretha Franklin in a big white puffy sleeve dress, Gwen Stefani in a blue fur bra with hair to match and Tara Reid in an awful pink cutup top. (Both boobs covered for once)

I must say that although about 50% of the worst dressed celeb's choices were obviously in bad taste I found that I did like alot of the styles they were wearing. Some of these people would look good in a garbage bag and I found it difficult to find a flaw in their fashion sense.

Examples? I am glad you asked. Sarah Jessica Parker. That woman would of given Princess Diana a run for her money (God rest her soul) if she was alive. Anybody who caught even one episode of the series "Square Pegs" has watched SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) morph from a teenage dweeb into a fashion goddess. She always looks different somehow yet we immediately know it is she. Her body is perfect even more so after the birth of her son. (Bitch) She suits any colour, style, fabric, hairstyle.......I could go on. She is the queen. She is far from beautiful, almost would be invisible in a potato sack. I said almost. She is a fashion designer's dream. Whoever said the woman makes the clothes was right. When it comes to SJP anyhow.

Next, Halle Berry. The woman is flawless. She is blessed with both a beautiful face and a body to match. I have always adored her fashion sense. She looks good in an evening gown, jeans, track pants and I would be remiss not to mention how wonderfully she fills out her intimates.

Third place for me goes to Hilary Swank. She is so understated glamourous.......a look that is oh so hard to pull off and she always carries herself with elegance. I have loved every gown she has every donned (Including the pink mini with the tulle that the STAR special criticized just now) I mean she can really pull it off.! At least I think so.

Now, for the honorable mentions in my book. (Not in any particular order)

Jennifer Aniston - I always gush that I love her clothes when I watch the FRIEND'S reruns. I know, I know, It is not really Jennifer but, the character Rachel. So, I guess I love the fashion flare of the person who dressedthe character Rachael. I am sure Jen had a say and is somehow responsible. In real life she is quite often photograped in cargos and a t-shirt which she still looks fantastic in. Oh, and have you seen her at the Emmy's??? She cleans up real nice.

Gwyneth Paltrow - I admit I have never been crazy about her and never really got the hoopla.... I can admit however she the main course normally where fashion plates are concerned. I will even forgive the see through dress goth look she sported once at the Oscars. I mean ninety nine percent of the time the woman is polished and chic so I have to give her props. Besides, she dated Brad Pitt so she must be doing something right. (Jennifer married him and she also got my props above but, if you are waiting for me to find something positive about Julette Lewis's style....who also dated Brad you will have to hold your breath........for a long time......I ain't doing it)

Gwen Stefani - Although I wouldn't wear a good ninety five percent of what she does......I still have to mention her. She takes risks with fashion and has a tall, svelte body which she works hard for. She manages to show alot of skin without giving the impression that she is a wannabe stripper. She also has her own clothing line and from what I have seen it looks funky. Her best fashion accessory hands down? Her husband Gavin.

Jennifer Lopez - The "Bennifer" stuff aside.........remember, I am talking fashion here......the woman may not be able to hold on to a relationship, get nominated for an oscar or live down her title of "Booty Queen" But, one thing she almost always gets right is her look. Or should I say looks - one minute she is a classic beauty in a chiffon gown, the next she is playing basketball in the hood in a velvet track suit. She always is perfectly manicured with her lovely bronzed skin and you will never find a hair out of place. I got the french manicure but, there are not enough assistants in the universe to have me looking like she does on a daily basis. Even if there were......who has the time??

Oprah Winfrey - How could I not mention Oprah?? Divine Oprah. She is the hottest she has ever been and over fifty. This is normally when things go down hill for us mere, not Ms. Winfrey!! Oprah used to always stress to people that it takes hours for her to look like that. The point is with the power, influence and money this woman has you would think she wouldn't bother (Martha never used to) But, baby.........she does and we love her for it.

Princess Diana - Deceased but, not forgotton. It is because of this lovely princess I started noticing if my socks matched each other! She made coordinating outfits seem effortless. I was able to catch the Princess of Wales exhibit when it came to Toronto last year. It displayed photos, memoirs, childhood letters, videos, her toys and yes, oh yes........a whole room for her magnificent wedding gown. (I don't care what ANYONE says there will never be another wedding dress like it !) My favorite room was the room displaying her various fashions that including a short note about the engagement she wore the outfit to, who she was with, etc. Each garment was displayed in a case and beside the case was a photo of the princess in the ensemble. It was then that I realized how drab the outfit that I once thought was spectacular was without Diana in it. It was like seeing a Christmas tree without the star on top. The clothes were missing their spark. Missing what made them come alive.......Diana.

Ofcourse there are some really great dressers in Hollywood and I am sure I am forgetting to mention some high rollers when it comes to being a fashionista. But, that is why they call this a BLOG...... I am rambling and these are the first people who come to mind. You may use the comment section to comment on someone you really admire or who you think has great style.

I am personally glad not to be famous. When I go out grocery shopping in my oldest ripped jeans, go out in the morning to grab the paper with no makeup on or have a huge zit on the end of my nose.....I don't have to worry about ending up on the news for having bad fashion sense.
None of us are perfect. Besides, I am positive that if I left the house dressed badly or in last season's sandals surely my husband or one of my friends would have some sort of intervention.

Wouldn't they???

At least none of my friends have the surname Blackwell!!

Have fun with your clothes and express yourself!




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